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Garda (Titling) was initially designed in 1998 inspired by the letters of the Renaissance master caligrapher Francesco Cresci. The typeface contains only capitals with assorted alternate letters and ligatures in three distinct styles, the first one closely follows the the original drawings of Cresci, the third, is a low contrasted sans serif and in the middle stays short serif version with low contrast. All versions share similar proportions, each one with its own merits and may be used in combination or individually. 

The new Garda 2.0

We have not upgraded Garda since its release as a postscript typeface in 2001 and we're proud to introduce a revised and expanded version in OpenType format. The new version, Garda 2.0, includes: extended glyph set, old style figures, more alternates (arranged in stylistic sets and accessible through open type features), more ligatures and other useful features. The fonts are available as family or in individual styles.


Titling capitals

1998, 2005–2011



Garda One


Garda Two


Garda Three 




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