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We are on Fontstand

Fontstand is a new Mac OS X app for testing and renting desktop fonts that may become the iTunes of the digital font market. Conceived by type designers (Andrej Krátky, Peter Biľak and Ondrej Jób) Fontstand is a new way for testing fonts for free, or for a small fraction of its retail price, before committing to a license agreement. Feliciano Type foundry is proud of being part of this group of 21 independent type foundries that are now part of Fontstand.

What you can do with Fontstand?

The simple and intuitive Fontstand's interface lets you view fonts and try them for free, using them as if they were installed in your computer. You can rent a font for 30 days for just 10% of its regular retail price. Any font rented for a total period of twelve months becomes permanently available on Fontstand and can be downloaded and installed like any other desktop font. While behind Fontstand’s interface there is a complex cloud-based services that automatically manages all the font files and administration processes. All you have to do is choose the fonts and use them in any application. Once the free trial or rental starts, the fonts are available. You don’t have to be connected to the Internet or have Fontstand open, simply use the fonts in any software that works normally with digital fonts.